Our Story

Ufine Herbs, LLC was founded by Dr. Yueshan Hu and Dr. Yanchun Xu in 2017, four years after the founding of their acupuncture clinic, Evidence Based Oriental Medicine, LLC.

As a graduate of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine and a PhD of Pharmaceutical Sciences from South Dakota State University, Dr. Hu was able to incorporate his knowledge and experience in Oriental and Western Medicine, and prepared some herbal products for his clinic, most of which have illustrated significant efficacy without safety concern.

As a Visiting Professor of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, Dr. Hu has closely collaborated with multiple prestigious herbal pharmaceutical companies in Guangzhou, China (the 3rd biggest city in China and capital city of Guangdong province). The imported herbs have greatly facilitated the practice of acupuncturists at EBOM Clinic and been tremendously beneficial to the patients.

Dr. Hu worked as a scientist and technical supervisor at Avera Health for a number of years prior to starting his own business. The team at Ufine Herbs understands the importance of quality control during manufacturing process, efficacy and safety concern during clinic application, and have utilized the latest scientific reports in herbal medicine.

It our goal to provide our customer the best quality of herbal products, and we have utilized any single herbal product in our clinic prior to selling to others.